An unprecedented level of security and a valuable tool to enhance operations and productivity

When engineering an intrusion detection system customization with endless flexibility is key. There are no cookie cutter solutions when engineering an independent security alarm system or the intrusion segment of the integrated security solution. With our quality control efforts and strict installation guidelines false alarms are virtually non-existent. Employee and operational schedules, product and equipment movement and storage are just a few of the variables that have to be taken into consideration when establishing the reporting and interactive features of the platform.

Access to the system is capable via a smart device or through the desk top interface. Clicking on the icon puts the alarm system keypad in your hand or on your desk top immediately.


Your organizations operations can often be enhanced by these dual purpose security measures. We can explain in detail how we have used our intrusion detection elements to enhance inventory control measures, track employee time, restrict access to equipment requiring special training and certification, track and predict traffic, and more.

Our intrusion detection system can also provide real time status indications via our graphical desktop interface. This desk top can be displayed at a guard station, warehouse or shipping and receiving managers work station, for real time door status, video, and other activity notifications. This desktop can also be integrated with our access control tablet issued to an entry control officer for real time truck log information.

When integrated with an analog or IP camera system the systems devices are associated with a camera or group of cameras dedicated to that detection area. In the event of a device opening or activation those camera images can be brought forward on a monitor for immediate viewing. The recorded video typically 5 seconds prior and 5 seconds after the event are also queued up for immediate review. These video clips can also be forwarded to management personnel for review and archival. With our Event View ® appropriate personnel receive instant mobile and web notifications with a video clip of the event causing the notification.