As a Military Police and Law Enforcement Instructor I had the privilege of training some of the finest Police Officers, Military Police, and Special Forces personnel around the world. This coupled with being a Security Systems Integrator has allowed me to personally establish our training curriculum which is like no other in the security industry. Who better to staff and train the officers in your facility than a true Systems Integrator with 25 years of hands on physical security experience. Our Electronic Security Measures Training bridges the gap between technology and manpower. Officers arrive on post already possessing the hands on experience with the latest technology. Our training is a four tiered approach. This just the beginning however. We have learned that challenging and keeping our officers engaged not only makes them more effective but has increased their retention immeasurably. We conduct annual certification training and testing to ensure our officers remain familiar and are up to date with current local and state laws, and are operating with an “excellent” proficiency rating as it relates to the site specific security equipment and operating procedures at their assigned duty location.

All of our Uniformed Officers whether licensed or not when they join our team will attend the following training and successfully pass all written, oral, and performance tests. This training exceeds the State of Tennessee Private Protective Services required training for unarmed security officers.

  1. Uniformed Security Officer Course I - Basic
    1. Officer Orientation – Ethics
    2. Legal powers and limitations of a security officer
    3. Emergency procedures
    4. General duties overview
    5. Physical security concepts
  2. Uniformed Security Officer Course II – Enhanced
    1. Active shooter and Work Place Violence level 1
    2. Report writing
    3. Communications and public interaction
    4. Suspicious persons/activities/packages
    5. Safety evaluation and awareness
  3. Uniformed Security Officer Course III - Electronic Security Measures
    1. Managed access control
    2. Video and video analytics
    3. Intrusion detection systems and peripheral devices
    4. System integration
    5. Metal detectors and hand wands (Garret 6500i)
  4. Site/Post Specific Training
    1. Customer brand, mission, and values orientation
    2. Building/property overview
    3. General responsibilities and performance expectations
    4. Post instructions, updates, and suggestions
    5. Reports, Logs, and Forms
    6. Patrol areas and site vulnerabilities
    7. Electronic security measures operation
    8. Tablet integration
    9. Emergency response and notification
    10. Uniform standards

We understand that training is a constant and continue to enhance our training efforts as we receive feedback from our clients and officers alike.

On-Going Training
Our on-going training efforts includes instruction in a number of core topics. These depend on the officer’s duty location and the requirements of our specific clients. Our officers are encouraged and invited to attend following all training whether required for their post or not. The most common areas of ancillary training are:
  • Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Level II
  • Crime Awareness and Deflection
  • Effective Report Writing
  • Professionalism and Ethics
  • Emergency Communications
  • Recognizing Threat
  • Firearms Proficiency