Customizing each and every individual officer’s tablet is one of the many things that makes us different than any other security manpower provider. Each of our “Tech Officers” has real time security technology in their hand. Whether it be viewing live or recorded video on or off site, managing access control, or completing an incident report, our officers are simply much more engaged and effective. Our entry control officer’s tablets are further equipped with our “Auto Sentry” – Technology. Together with our clients we customize every detail of this dynamic device. This platform automates the logging process and introduces capturing video, camera images, QR code scanning, and driver’s license scanning/parsing into their logs or incident and activity reports. Vehicle, driver, and visitor data and images are submitted with the press of a button and is immediately available to those who need it. Arrival notifications of shipments or visitors can be sent to directly to operations or administrative personnel’s smart phones, email, desk tops, or desk phone. Our unique in-house development and customization capabilities makes developing these highly effective tools not only a reality but an ever evolving invaluable asset.

Tablet Security Mockups

Our most common uses for our Officer’s Operations Portal:
  • Video integration for live, recorded, or video event monitoring
  • Real time alarm point status and alarm notification
  • Managed access control. Lock/unlock doors, emergency facility lockdown
  • Automated vehicle and guest logging - customized and tailored per client
  • Driver’s license scanning/parsing providing quicker more accurate logging
  • Incident/event report writing. Ensures complete, legible, accessible reports
  • Video/photo capture and attachment to reports
  • Mass notification control
  • Mobile intercom communication
  • QR Code scanning