Our definition of system integration: “The merging of an array of once divided systems and processes in to one cohesive measure enhancing their effectiveness and creating a platform of real-time monitoring, dynamic control, and customized reporting.” The end result is unprecedented efficiency, risk mitigation, and maximizing the functionality of every resource available.

integrated desktop

Integrated System Desktop

As one of the few "true" systems integrators in the nation we have been revolutionizing the way our clients look at their role within their organizations overall operation. Through our model, our clients have realized major reductions in loss, lowered and fixed costs, all while creating operational enhancements throughout their entire organization.

We engineer, install, integrate, and employ measures that have not only reduced risk dramatically but have had a major effect on the organization’s operations, productivity, and even sales and marketing efforts. The shared benefits of our model of system integration are realized throughout an entire organization.

We Can Prove It

Our aggressive approach takes real-time information, events, schedules, and activity and through “rules and analytics” puts valuable information and control in the hands of those who need it - immediately.

Integrating intrusion detection peripherals, video, and access control alone creates a security environment and posture that has proven to be much more effective in preventing theft, tracking resources and assets, and creating a safer environment. In most cases these elements already exist and can be enhanced with our process. The result is the creation of dynamic platform that can be further enhanced with the integration of building controls, production equipment, inventory control measures, and almost any other operational asset to the organization. The integrations of building controls and manufacturing and production equipment is usually as simple as downloading the equipment’s API code from the manufacture’s website and establishing communication and a set of rules.

Our platform allows us to customize desktop graphical interfaces for those who need real-time information, access to video, or equipment control or monitoring. The good news as this is all built into our platform is extremely cost effective.

Our technology is also enhanced when operated by our own Uniformed Officers.