Our experience ranges from the installation of a simple single door access control system to systems controlling doors at multiple facilities spanning multiple states. We have engineered systems that utilize bio-metric and retinal readers protecting hundreds of millions of dollars worth of assets to systems that simply lock and unlock the front door on a schedule. What makes us the leader in our field is our ability to leverage the latest technology from all of the various security measures into one integrated platform.

Integrating all of the major security components, such as access control equipment, security cameras, and alarm system detection devices, enhances the overall effectiveness of each component. When these devices are working in concert they can provide security staff with critical information in real-time along with predetermined response options and operational command and control over critical areas to include live video pop-ups, marked video clips, and immediate email and text notifications.

Integrated System Desktop


  • True integration and control of the security alarm system and security cameras
  • Access events with associated video clips
  • Interactive floor plans for real time control
  • Propped or forced door notification
  • Emergency lock down
  • Remote/off site control
  • Equipment and inventory control
  • Elevator access control
  • True integration with building controls
  • Metal detector integration