“Hands down, no other security provider challenges, engages, trains, or provides the technology to their officers that we do - let me prove it”. - Clyde Harden, President/CEO

Without a doubt we are unique to this industry. Our main focus is providing Security Officers who are equipped with in-hand interactive technology customized for their specific assignments. We also provide the real world training they need to play an active and effective role in the loss prevention mission.

With over 25 years in the security industry and being a technology leader as a Security Systems Integrator we have a unique ability in recruiting, training and deploying the most effective Security Officers imaginable – and we can prove it.

Being the provider of both technology and manpower allows us to not only leverage technology but to mold it. Providing both services allows us levels of efficiency, communication, and teamwork that are impossible for two separate providers to experience. We truly understand the technology and how to put it to work in every aspect of our mission. The daily task of employing it allows us the feedback to enhance it, and make it better.

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We are well aware of the reputation of the “guard” industry in this region. The majority of experienced officers tell us they had routine payroll discrepancies, scheduling issues, little or no training, and no job security. It is easy to see this is the result of a flawed business model - over committing and a lack of real resources causing a never ending manpower crises.

Our approach to training and personnel management is not unique in the business world but it is very unique in the contract security industry. Our ideal opportunity is one where we can leverage all of our resources and make the biggest impact on the loss prevention effort as a whole.

Website Guard Motion Detection Black Shirt

Professional Dress Uniform Options
Our clients have the option in selecting the officer’s uniforms assigned to their facility. Our most popular options are our professional dress uniform, our tactical uniform, and our more casual polo style uniform. There are many other uniform options available as this versatility enables the officer to best fit in with his/her environment to our client’s satisfaction.

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“We are coming up on our one year anniversary here. To date we have had ZERO Officer turnover, ZERO Scheduling Issues, really ZERO issues of any kind, but most importantly ZERO loss of client inventory or assets and that’s what it’s all about.” - Capt. David Long. Post Commander, Mallory International.