There are a number of applications where on-site video recording and storage is not possible or cost effective. When only a few cameras are needed or there is no way to secure a recording device on-site our Hosted Video Recording (HVR) service is the solution.

By leveraging on-site as well as off-site technology our solution offers our clients a cost effective and secure method of viewing and capturing the highest quality video.

Our Hosted Video Recording (HVR) service provides our clients with real time access to live or recorded video from any PC or smart device. Motion event notifications can be sent directly to your PC or smart device, our central monitoring station, or our security officers on patrol.


Our most recent (HVR) application:
  • Entry and exits of residential subdivisions/neighbor hoods: Wide angle video and License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras
  • Small retail locations: Entrance facial capture and cash register observation with POS overlay and heat map for detailed customer flow
  • Small diner: Food storage area and cash register with POS overlay
  • Commercial transportation refueling center: Remote viewing and activation of fuel pumps
  • Hidden camera: Quick installation of individual cameras for covert observation
Benefits of our Hosted Video Recording (HVR) service:
  • No (NVR) or (DVR) on-site: No equipment to fail, be vandalized, tampered with, or stolen
  • Lower Installation and Maintenance Costs: Since less equipment is required, the initial investment is drastically reduced
  • Increased Data Integrity: Video is securely transmitted and archived at our data center for a period of thirty days with longer options available.
  • Higher Video Quality: Our IP Megapixel cameras provide a much higher resolution image
  • Intelligent Video: Our on-site Video Management System (VMS) has various enhanced analytical capabilities. Facial recognition, loitering, crowds gathered, heat maps for customer walk through patterns, direction of travel, virtual walls, camera tampering, object taken or left behind, count, and dwell time in area.