The most effective and reliable neighborhood video security program ever. With our program you maintain real time access to critical live and recorded video. If an event occurs we can immediately review and retrieve the highest resolution video for dissemination throughout the community and when necessary law enforcement.

Astonishing Clarity Day and Night

The quality of our video is unmatched. This is accomplished by matching the equipment with the environment and extensive feature programming.

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Our Video Network

We can cross reference captured license plate data and vehicle descriptions with our extensive network of video and License Plate Cameras throughout the Mid-South.


Our equipment is under constant supervision. Should any device fail or be tampered with, we receive immediate notification.


Due to our unique abilities in technology development and enhancement, we are creating the most aggressive and effective video intelligence platform in our industry. Other programs are restrictive to a one size fits all mandate.

We also have numerous aesthetically pleasing camera housing and pole options to choose from. We typically program our housing light to glow blue instead of flash so as not to be a distraction yet still call attention to the camera system.

We can also store video on or off site depending on the environmental risks.


No other program offers the on-going maintenance and service that we do. Today’s IP based security cameras require routine firmware upgrades and physical maintenance. Quite often dirt and debris will gather on the camera lenses causing an obstructed or out of focus view. Our intelligent cameras will notify us of these issues and we schedule routine cleanings.


Ours is the only program that ensures you that your investment is still working!