”We are putting LPR technology to work at a fraction of the cost it once was.”

The value of collecting vehicle license plate information of the vehicles on or near our properties is immeasurable. License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology has been around for some time so I am often surprised when I visit a property and don’t see this technology in use. I believe that is mostly due to the fact that not many on the installation and service side of our industry understand or have the technical capability in employing this technology. Simply put, capturing a clear and usable license plate image is simply not an expensive proposition so it should be given serious consideration as part of the overall security platform.

With the use of our unique “LPR Integration Process” we have alleviated the need for expensive and disruptive trenching and cabling through parking lots or around building. We are now putting LPR technology to work at a fraction of the cost it once was.

License Plate Recognition Camera

When consulting with our clients we explain that they basically have two options.

Option 1 – Stand Alone LPR Camera
Given the right circumstances an effective License Plate Recognition system can be as simple as a single stand-alone LPR camera either integrated with your existing camera system or recorded remotely “offsite” by us. There are however a number of factors that must be taken into consideration. The selection of the right camera and its proper installation and programming are key. We have successfully installed a number of single License Plate Recognition cameras providing our clients with usable license plate images. We have installed several at remote locations such as entries to residential subdivisions and are recording the images “off-site” so no recording equipment needs to be purchased or is at risk of theft or vandalism.

Option 2 – Intelligent (Integrated) LPR System
A software based License Plate Recognition system also does not have to be expensive. It requires a single or multiple dedicated License Plate Recognition cameras and LPR software. This software will capture, record, analyze, and either store or forward the license plate data. As you would expect there are many LPR software manufacturers and a host of feature options. Once we present all of the features and added benefits of capturing license plate data our clients are able to make an educated decision in their selection of the platform pretty quickly.

The LPR system can be programmed to send alerts when known vehicles enter or exit the property. This could detect returning terminated employees, the entry of persons under a restraining order or those bared from the property, or arriving VIPs and guests.

When integrated with an access control system, the License Plate Recognition camera system can identify a vehicle approaching and allow access through a gate.

Establishing a database with detailed information as to vehicles entering and exiting the property can have benefits shared by more than just the security staff as well. This data can be used to clarify payroll disputes or actual cargo departure or arrival times.

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